$Trump Coin Genuine Philanthropy?

Trump’s $TRUMP Coin: Genuine Philanthropy or Just Another Financial Gimmick?

Trump's $TRUMP Coin raises questions about its commitment to philanthropy, allocating only 10% of profits to charitable causes. Trump's recent embrace of crypto, after years of criticism, adds to the controversy.
Frequently asked questions about altcoins

Diving into Altcoins – Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Altcoins, encompassing all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, have become pivotal in driving innovation and diversification within the crypto ecosystem. This guide answers the most frequently asked questions about altcoins, covering their essence, buying methods, mining processes, and their potential for wealth creation.
BRICS considering Ripple XRP for cross-border payment system

XRP Soars as BRICS Nations Consider Cryptocurrency for Trade Settlements

The surge in XRP's price following reports of BRICS nations considering its adoption for trade settlements underscores the growing relevance of cryptocurrencies in global finance. The market's enthusiastic response reflects the broader implications for digital assets, signaling the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize international trade and economic systems.
Ripple XRP Japan

Ripple XRP Japan – Strategic Partnerships and Market Expansion

Japanese financial powerhouse SBI Holdings launches an XRP Ledger validator through its subsidiary, SBI VC Trade, affirming its dedication to securing the network and representing the voices of XRP holders in Japan. This collaboration underscores Ripple's commitment to expanding its influence in the Japanese cryptocurrency market through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.
What happens when tokens unlock - we answer the question in this article. Image depicts someone opening a vault

What Happens When Tokens Unlock – Crypto Dynamics This May

May 2024 sees significant token unlocks across various crypto projects, leading to mixed market reactions with both resilience and declines in major cryptocurrencies. Understanding the impact of these unlocks is crucial for investors navigating this period's volatility.