Tether launches stablecoin backed by Gold

Tether Introduces aUSD₮, a Gold-backed Stablecoin

Tether has launched aUSD₮, a stablecoin backed by gold stored in Swiss vaults, offering a secure and transparent investment option. This move aims to enhance Tether's stablecoin offerings and meet investor demand for asset-backed digital currencies.
BlackRock bets on Ethereum for Asset tokenization

BlackRock Bold Bet – How Ethereum is Revolutionizing Asset Tokenization

BlackRock has committed €100 million to Ethereum, marking a significant step in the tokenization of real-world assets. This strategic move highlights Ethereum's potential to revolutionize asset management through increased liquidity and transparency.
Ripple announces RLUSD, a dollar pegged stablecoin

Ripple Announces RLUSD: A New Contender in the Stablecoin Market

Ripple's new RLUSD stablecoin promises to enhance liquidity and reliability within the Ripple ecosystem. By leveraging advanced security measures and unique liquidity mechanisms, RLUSD aims to stand out in the competitive stablecoin market.
ETH Withdrawals from centralized exchanges soar to $3B before Ethereum ETF trading launches

ETH Withdrawals Soar to $3B Pre-ETF Launch

The approval of spot Ethereum ETFs by the SEC has sparked a massive withdrawal of over $3 billion worth of Ether from crypto exchanges. This significant movement signals growing anticipation and optimism for Ethereum ETF trading, with analysts predicting potential price surges and market dynamics.
How to Buy Spot Ethereum ETF

Ethereum ETFs – Their Impact on Cryptocurrency Investment and Adoption

The SEC's recent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs marks a pivotal advancement in cryptocurrency investment, enabling both institutional and retail investors to gain regulated exposure to Ethereum. This development is expected to drive significant market liquidity and broader adoption of digital assets.