Lykke Exchange Hack reported today

Lykke Exchange Hack: A Wake-Up Call for Cryptocurrency Security

The recent cyberattack on Lykke Exchange, resulting in a loss of over $22 million, highlights the ongoing threat of security breaches in the cryptocurrency industry. This incident underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures and transparent communication to safeguard investor assets and maintain trust in digital asset exchanges.
NovaTech Crypto Scam, NY Attorney General sues over USD 1 Billion

NovaTech Crypto Scam – NY Attorney General Sues Over $1 Billion Fraud

The New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against NovaTech and AWS Mining, alleging a $1 billion crypto scam that defrauded over 11,000 investors. The scheme targeted vulnerable immigrant communities, promising high returns on investments but ultimately leaving many with significant losses.
Japan based DMM Bitcoin Crypto Exchange suffered major hack

DMM Bitcoin Crypto Hack in Japan – $300M in BTC Gone

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DMM Bitcoin has suffered a major security breach, losing over $300 million worth of Bitcoin in what is now the seventh-largest crypto hack in history. The exchange has promised to fully reimburse affected users while authorities investigate the incident.
Sonne Finance Hack - $20 Million worth of crypto tokens stolen

Who Hacked Sonne Finance? Unraveling the $20 Million Heist

Sonne Finance experienced a devastating $20 million hack. The attack has prompted urgent calls for enhanced security measures and heightened vigilance within the decentralized finance sector.

BlockTower Capital Hacked

BlockTower Capital, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency investment space, has been hacked, resulting in substantial financial losses. The cyberattack on its main hedge fund underscores the persistent vulnerabilities within the digital asset ecosystem.