Zodia Markets Standard Chartered plans to acquire Elwood's OTC crypto unit.

Standard Chartered’s Zodia Markets Set to Acquire Elwood Technologies’ OTC Division in Major Crypto...

In a strategic move to enhance its presence in the digital asset space, Zodia Markets, the crypto trading unit of Standard Chartered, is in advanced negotiations to acquire the OTC crypto trading division of Elwood Technologies, backed by billionaire Alan Howard. This acquisition aims to integrate advanced trading technology and liquidity solutions, significantly boosting Zodia's capabilities and market reach.
Time Magazine partners with Fox, using Blockchain to maintain Digital Content Integrity

Time Magazine Joins Fox’s Blockchain Initiative for Digital Content Integrity

Time Magazine has partnered with Fox Corporation to pioneer a blockchain-driven initiative aimed at safeguarding digital content integrity. This collaboration underscores their commitment to combatting misinformation and enhancing transparency in media reporting through innovative blockchain technology.
Tether launches stablecoin backed by Gold

Tether Introduces aUSD₮, a Gold-backed Stablecoin

Tether has launched aUSD₮, a stablecoin backed by gold stored in Swiss vaults, offering a secure and transparent investment option. This move aims to enhance Tether's stablecoin offerings and meet investor demand for asset-backed digital currencies.
BlackRock bets on Ethereum for Asset tokenization

BlackRock Bold Bet – How Ethereum is Revolutionizing Asset Tokenization

BlackRock has committed €100 million to Ethereum, marking a significant step in the tokenization of real-world assets. This strategic move highlights Ethereum's potential to revolutionize asset management through increased liquidity and transparency.
McLaren intigrating blockchain technology to enhance race performance

McLaren Leverages Blockchain Technology to Enhance Racing Performance

McLaren Racing pioneers blockchain integration in its GT4 series, leveraging Minima's L1 blockchain for secure, real-time data logging at Spa-Francorchamps. This initiative promises to revolutionize performance analytics in motorsports, setting new standards for data integrity and transparency.