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Lykke Exchange Hack reported today

Lykke Exchange Hack: A Wake-Up Call for Cryptocurrency Security

The recent cyberattack on Lykke Exchange, resulting in a loss of over $22 million, highlights the ongoing threat of security breaches in the cryptocurrency industry. This incident underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures and transparent communication to safeguard investor assets and maintain trust in digital asset exchanges.

Crypto Shockwave: $26M Vanishes from FixedFloat Exchange!

In a shocking turn of events, few hour ago, the decentralized crypto exchange FixedFloat has confirmed a massive exploit, resulting in a loss of...

Levana Crypto Protocol Hit by Major Security Breach #LVN $LVN

The Levana Protocol #LVN, one of the blockchain-based perpetual futures swap protocols, was hacked. Between December 13 and December 26, the project was attacked,...

Blockchain Developer’s Funds Stolen During a Fake Job Interview via Npm Package

A blockchain developer on Upwork, Murat Çeliktepe, reportaed he was targeted in a scam disguised as a job interview. Murat was contacted on LinkedIn...

Telcoin Project Faces $1.3 Million Loss in Security Breach, $Tel Price Drops by Over...

In another significant attack, the cryptocurrency platform Telcoin, has reported a security breach resulting in a loss of $1.3 million by its users.This is...
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