Crypto Market Fear surges as Bitcoin drops below $54K, triggering $665M in liquidations.

Crypto Market in Fear as Liquidations Surge and Bitcoin Dips Below $54K

Bitcoin's price plunged below $54,000, causing $665 million in liquidations within 24 hours and spreading fear across the crypto market. Ethereum and Solana also saw significant declines as economic concerns and the impending Mt. Gox payouts further rattled investors.
German authorities selling off 50.000 Bitcoin seized from Movie2K operation

Germany’s $195 Million Bitcoin Sell-Off: Transparency and Market Strategy

The German government has commenced the liquidation of $195 million worth of Movie2K Bitcoin, seized from the operators of the illegal streaming site This transparent and methodical process aims to minimize market disruption while setting a new standard for handling seized digital assets.
Mt. Gox payout of $9.6B in Bitcoin set for October 2024 could bring volatility or stability.

Crypto Markets on Edge: Mt. Gox’s $9.6 Billion Bitcoin Repayment Could Redefine Market Dynamics

The upcoming Mt. Gox payout of $9.6 billion in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, set for completion by October 2024, has stirred both anticipation and anxiety in the cryptocurrency market. While some experts, like Alex Thorn of Galaxy Digital, believe the market's liquidity is sufficient to handle the influx, concerns about potential volatility and price drops remain prominent.
Standard Chartered trading desk launches for Bitcoin and Ethereum, addressing rising institutional demand for secure and regulated digital asset trading.

Standard Chartered Launches Spot Trading Desk for BTC and ETH

Standard Chartered has announced the launch of a spot trading desk for Bitcoin and Ethereum to cater to the rising demand from institutional investors for secure and regulated access to digital assets. This initiative marks a significant step in integrating traditional finance with the expanding crypto market.
Trump Bitcoin Mining Pledge: Stocks Surge Amid Controversy

Market Reacts to Trump’s Bitcoin Mining Pledge: Stocks Surge Amid Controversy

Bitcoin mining stocks surged after Trump's pledge to centralize operations in the U.S., boosting companies like CleanSpark and Riot Blockchain. However, this move has sparked debates over bitcoin mining energy consumption and its environmental impact​